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Stainless steel maintenance elucidation

Matters Need Attention When Storing and Installing:

1) Goods should be avoided being scratched and bruised when unloading;

2) Goods should be stored in dry and ventilated place, and avoid being caught in the rain,being struck,or being corroded by corrosive medium;

3) Measures need to be taken to protect the surface of pillars and their accessories from being contaminated by cement mortar and dust.Pack the products with paper or cloth that can resist water and dust.Acidic or alkaline liquid is forbidden to contact with the goods;

4) Fix pillars onto ground with expansion bolt or through welding on embeds parts, and fix pillar accessories onto pillars with rivet or screws, or through welding on the pillars.

5) Insure there is no mounting pads and gaskets been neglected;

6) Coat expansion bolts with anaerobe in advance when screw nuts in case they get loosened;

7) Insure pillars are perpendicular to the ground when install them; 8) Add gaskets or cushion block between glass and hardware in case they contact directly.

Routine Maintenance

Stainless steel products should be cleaned and maintained regularly,  as they will get rusted in terrible environment.

1.Some usual contaminants of stainless steel and cleaning method:

1) Soap and some other weak detergents could be used for dusts and other contaminants that could be eliminated easily;

2) Brand paper and pad pasting could be washed away with warm water and weak detergents, and ethyl alcohol and organic solvent such as ethyl ether an benzene could used to eliminate binder.

3) Grease,oil and lubricating oil sticking onto surface of stainless steel could be eliminated by wiping up with soft cloth, and then cleaning up with neutral detergent, ammonia solution or special purpose detergent.

4) If there are deodorizer and other acid liquid stick onto surface,  wash up immediately with water,and then with ammonia solution or neutral soda liquid,and at last with neutron detergent or warm water.

5) Rainbow-like stripes emerged on surface of stainless still are caused by excessive use of detergent or oil,and they could be washed up by warm water.

6) Rust caused by contaminants could be washed up with liquid contains 10% of nitrite acid or with special detergent.

7) Cement and mortar splashed onto stainless steel should be washed away before they get solidified,or it will be difficult to eliminate them with stainless steel intact.

8) Contaminants such as scum caused by using of tools,dusts produced by using of abrasive cut-off wheel, splashed slag created when oxyacetylene flaming, and carbon steel contaminant caused by long-time-contact with carbon steel, could be eliminated with special glue or liquid contains 10% of phosphoric acid, then ammonium hydroxide, and at last cold water or with diabolical wets stainless steel for 15 minutes, then wash up with cold water, and dry at last.

2.Matters Need Attention in Daily Maintenance

1)Wipe surface of stainless steel, especially mirror-finished stainless steel, with soft cloth to avoid damaging products. Wipe along the grain on the surface when it comes to draw bench-surface;

2) It should be avoided to use scrubbing solution with bleaching composition, steel-wire-ball or lapping tool to wash up stainless steel. Do not forget to clean up with water after washing up;

3)Be clear of regulations about disposition of chemical agent and regulations about environmental protection and health.  Regulations about emissions of sewage and acid liquid,and disposition of plastic film should be specially noted.

3.Maintenance Period

Products should be cleaned once to twice one year. Different maintenance period could be adopted according to local environment the products applied.